Every photo is a story. Every story has a dream.

How might the stories of a city create pathways for healthy, collaborative communities? How can technology and open data inspire empowered, resilient, neighborhoods?

Can a fence of 6-foot photographs connect and heal people in a city under siege?

The OAKLAND FENCE PROJECT uses documentary photography, video, augmented reality, open data, artist residencies and community partnerships to address the problems of a city in decline and help ignite collaborative urban renewal. It provides a framework where local artists and cultural workers partner with after-school programs and NGOs; the city government collaborates with community organizers & data scientists; technologists and designers identify and map the areas of greatest need in the city; and photographers and filmmakers produce dynamic, responsive large scale photographs that visualize the city and its people. The photographs compose a new kind of fence – an interactive public art exhibition that connects rather than separates, providing a place for communities to convene, hear stories, learn, meet neighbors, and participate in the movement to build a new city.

For further information, or to participate, contact Project Director Wendy Levy,