New Arts Axis is a new media consultancy facilitating creative innovation and impact for art, culture and human rights. We partner with artists who want their work to have deeper and more lasting impact in communities. We work with NGOs who want to collaborate more closely with artists to connect with audiences in more meaningful ways.

We translate good intentions into purposeful projects.
We believe that stories ignite movements.
We are a globally-distributed network of artists and thinkers and makers.
Our work must leave the world better than when we started.

What do we do? Glad you asked.

At New Arts Axis we get creative and strategic to make a difference in people’s lives.

• We build capacity through strategic and sustainable program development.
• We make movies and interactive tools.
• We put art in unexpected places and we help find places for artists in communities.
• We bring great people together from around the world to talk and think and solve problems in creative ways.
• We research the field and write and talk about the future of media and social change.
• We make interactive web and mobile projects, public art and museum installations.
• We create media networks.
• We produce real world events, innovation labs, and braintrusts.
• We design interactive learning modules, photography exhibits and apps.- whatever is needed to turn a great idea into a powerful experience.

What do we believe in?

We believe that stories ignite movements. We think technology is most cool when it’s used to benefit humanity, and that people need powerful true stories and images to make change happen. We believe that within the right framework, artists can build great models for creative participation, and organizations can have deeper impact when projects and campaigns create resources for the next generation. This is our core belief: our work must leave the world better than when we started.

How do we work?

New Arts Axis is here to help great organizations find their inner creative, and to help artists to connect with organizations that truly want to collaborate. Our expertise includes web/digital story development and multiplatform project strategies, emerging technology, creative innovation labs, community engagement programs including live events and artist residencies, interactive partnership development, braintrusts and impact reporting. It’s a diverse menu that works because we are a globally-distributed network of artists and thinkers and makers who can come together depending on the needs and budget of the project. Our tags are Art, Technology, Culture, Collaboration and Social Impact. Everything we do falls in some combination of those buckets. We dig into projects from two months to two years – every Agreement is customizable to the needs and capacity of the project. Think of us as co-conspirators – here to facilitate and amplify the unique voices of the project creators and stakeholders.

What is our business model?

Right now, New Arts Axis is a hybrid fee-for-service consultancy. We work on a retainer model to support longer-term engagement with selected projects, foundation grantees and partners. Minimum upfront commitment is app. 60 hours (over any time period), based on project deliverables, and can be extended at any time. Work is contracted based on every project’s unique needs and timeline. Equity partnerships for for-profit projects will be considered. When our 501c3 is official, New Arts Axis will also work with foundations on research, innovation and capacity-building initiatives serving the field. Email Wendy for further information:

Who started New Arts Axis?

Wendy Levy founded New Arts Axis in August 2012, with the support of a small, trusted Board of Advisors and a network of collaborating artists and technologists. Over the last five years, Wendy’s core work has been two fold: helping independent filmmakers navigate participatory technologies and connect more deeply with audiences, and supporting international social change organizations and foundations understand and integrate new models of storytelling to amplify and sustain global movements. She speaks at venues around the world on issues in media and human rights including the United Nations, Skoll World Forum, and the Sundnce Film Festival. She developed and directed the MacArthur Foundation-funded Producers Institute for New Media Technologies at BAVC, and is a Co-Founder of Sparkwise. See all the New Arts Axis bios here: